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Please have a look at my frequently asked questions and their comprehensive answers provided below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the "contact" page. I’m always here to help.

What can I expect from therapy?

It’s normal to still have some concerns and feelings about therapy, even after you make a decision to start. Therapy is about having a good connection with a therapist that listens to you, ask you questions, and that you can get unbiased feedback from. In therapy, you are the driver of the car – you decide where you will go when. I am the passenger offering feedback about patterns and signs I may see. Together we help you to reach your goals.

What can I expect from a first session?

During the first session we will work on getting to know each other. I will ask questions to get to know you and we can talk about questions you have for me. I go over confidentiality and other parts of therapy. You are never forced to answer a question and you have the right to decline answering if you wish not to.

How can I start working with you?

You can call or text the direct phone number for Tree of Life Counseling and Wellness at 269-248-7531, or you can submit a request right through the website under the "contact" tab.

How will I know if you're the right therapist for me?

I think the first step is having a short phone consultation. I typically suggest making an appointment and we can determine if I am a good fit for you during the intake assessment. I believe in first and foremost treating you as an equal partner in our work. I sometimes use humor (respectfully of course) and people have described me as warm, compassionate, with an energy for connection. I do not force anyone to do anything. I respect your process.
There is no obligation to remain in therapy with me and I appreciate when people let me know if they do not want to continue so I can offer them some names for other therapists if I’m not a good fit.

Do you prescribe medication?

I am not a prescribing health provider. I do, however, help you decide if medication is right for you. I also believe in working with you and your doctors as a team. With your permission, I can contact and speak with them.

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, your sessions are completely confidential except in rare circumstances I can explain during your first session. It is also confidential information that a person is meeting with a counselor. As a healthcare provider and Licensed Professional Counselor, I adhere to all HIPPA laws and ACA ethical standards. 

Note: I understand there is a stigma around mental health that may create a fear of others knowing you are seeking counseling. This is a small town and if I see you out I will not acknowledge you unless you specify otherwise.

What types of therapy do you offer?

The "Home" tab briefly outlines areas of speciality. All practices used are evidence based, meaning that substantial research has been done on these therapeutic interventions and treatments. I offer in person sessions for children, adolescents, and adults, I offer "walk and talk" therapy and virtual (phone or video) therapy.

How does counseling help?

When a counseling relationship is working well, clients experience new insights into their situations, clearer thinking, increased energy, better understanding of their feelings and needs, release of troubling emotions that have held them back or been confusing, and a greater sense of wholeness and peace within themselves.  Therapy is a process, and a working partnership develops between client and therapist.  Therapy is not always comfortable or straightforward as difficult emotions and ways of being often have to be sorted through in order for new energy and change to appear.  Clients should feel comfortable with their therapist and be able to ask about whatever is on their mind regarding the process.  In spite of the uncomfortable emotions experienced, clients I have worked with feel that the temporary pain of the working through process is well worth leaving behind the continual pain of living the way they had previously.

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